Cucumber Gorge Bottom

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View from Cucumber Gorge Bottom

Coming down the rustic stairs and dirt path provides you a mid height view of Cucumber Falls through a scene of broken slabs of sandstone rock. The overhanging ceiling of sandstone rock with its drips of water gives the feeling of being in a humid cave with the waterfall entering from a bright opening. At this point you can proceed up a small hill and get an unobstructed view of the waterfall or navigate down the stairs towards the rugged terrain of the gorge bottom. The path also leads away from the falls and towards the river, but you can leave the trail and hop some rocks to get another view of the waterfall from between slabs of Moss covered sandstone rock. Back up above, visitors can continue over the small hill and walk to behind the falls if they don't mind getting their shoes muddy. From the top of the hill they can climb through some rocks down a slope to the creek and get close to the base of Cucumber Falls. During dry periods it may be possible to cross Cucumber Run and if careful one can walk around the falls from behind it and emerge onto the other side where a unique view is possible. The terrain is rugged here but one can walk to the Cucumber Rapid area and make their way back to the Great Gorge Trail allowing them easy access back to the parking lot.

Features to Experience

Cucumber Falls Cucumber Gorge Cucumber Run


The gorge is extremely rugged with slippery rocks.

How to Access

Park at the parking lot for Cucumber Falls and follow the trail leading down a natural steps to the gorge bottom.

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More Information

A humid microclimate with limited sunshine is present along the bottom of the Cucumber Gorge. Cucumber Falls has carved itself out a gorge beginning ahead of the streams entry into the Youghiogheny River. The distance between the falls and the river is less than a hundred yards but can be a challenge to navigate.