Jonathan Run Upper Falls Area

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View from Jonathan Run Upper Falls Area

A beautiful scene of multiple waterfalls starts following a large pool of water but to access each of these features requires multiple short climbs down from the Jonathan Run Trail. Following along the pool of water's edge will take you to the top of Jonathan Runs Upper Falls where you can look out over the creek's beautiful scenery as it continues to cascade down two more falls in the distance. A steep sandstone rock ledge and some thick vegetation will likely force you back to the trail where you cut down to below the cascading waterfall. Navigating around it allows you to come out below the Upper Falls where you can admire the water flowing over and through the sandstone shelf. The water level varies but you may be able to walk up to the base of the falls close enough to feel its water and mists. Immediately below it begins a beautiful cascade that rounds down to a level area before Jonathan Run makes another tumble over another sandstone ledge with this one being quite hollowed out underneath. This waterfall is probably a dead-end forcing you to back up and head towards the cascades to begin climbing out.

Features to Experience

Jonathan Run Upper Jonathan Run Falls


The terrain is rugged and the water level around the falls is variable.

How to Access

Hikers would park at the small rustic parking area for the Jonathan Run Trailhead and hike approximately 1.4 miles on an easy trail to the upper falls area. The trail has two bridges that cross Jonathan Run offering a scenic view of the creek along the way. Bike riders would ride or walk their bike up the Jonathan Run Trail approximately 0.25 miles from the Great Allegheny Passage Trail.

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Jonathan Run Lower Falls Gorge

More Information

You'll notice some beautiful blue limestone with contorted plants growing against them. If you walk further on the trail you'll see the next cutaway to the left where you can climb down to see the last waterfall in this spot. If the water level cooperates you can walk to a good head on view of the waterfall that is broken by some fallen rock and a tree log but flanked by an enormous ledge of rock with a deep cavity underneath particularly the left. In this spot I found a unique set of mushrooms in the fall and added them to my photo collection of unusual specimens.

While the trail is is more remote than other areas of Ohiopyle State Park it is still pretty accessible from either the Jonathan Run Trail Head or by adventurous bike riders coming up from the Great Allegheny Passage Trail.