Meadow Run Cascades Waterfall Area

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View from Meadow Run Cascades Waterfall Area

The Meadow Run Cascades is a large and wide complex of waterfalls and cascades down and through several terraces of broken sandstone rock near the southern edge of the park. Most visitors will experience the falls by walking out on a sandstone bar that leads out to the waters edge to a point where they're stopped by the start of a series of water channels flowing through and over the rock. How far out amongst the falls one can get depends on the water level. Some visitors can make a climb down to a lower level that gives them an experience of water flowing all around them. A full side angled view of the falls can be obtained by climbing and navigating down around some water channels to the base of the complex. To get a head on view of the falls one needs to head back into the forest and follow Meadow Run Trail to the next side trail where after breaking through some thick vegetation and climbing over some rocks an almost unimpeded view of the whole waterfall can be obtained. The Meadow Run Cascades Waterfall is probably 15 feet from the top to the base but seems shorter given the multiple ledges and distance it flows down.

Features to Experience

Meadow Run Meadow Run Cascades


Be mindful for snakes particularly when climbing around rocks down stream of the waterfall.

How to Access

Park at the Meadow Run Trail Access off of Dinner Bell Road and follow the trail to the cascades.

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More Information

Meadow Run and its rough rocky slabs provide a bright and large break in the forest canopy at this location in this area.