Rock Slabs Below Lower Yough Launch Area

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View from Rock Slabs Below Lower Yough Launch Area

A series of rock slabs extending out into the Youghiogheny River provide a distant view of the Ohiopyle Falls along with a panorama of other scenery including Ferncliff Peninsula with its rough rocky shore and noisy river rapids as far as they eyes can see to the south. At this location you're above where Meadow Run enters the Youghiogheny River with a complex of sandstone rock bars that extend into the river, and you're below the Lower Yough Launch Area where kayaks and whitewater rafts begin their descent down the river.

Features to Experience

Ferncliff Peninsula Meadow Run Ohiopyle Falls Youghiogheny River Youghiogheny River Gorge


Rocks are slippery when wet. Keep an eye out for snakes that are attracted to the sun.

How to Access

Follow a sloped maintenance road leading down to the treatment plant where a path is on the right leading to the river rocks. Visitors can park at the Meadow Run Natural Waterslides and walk over the bridge to the maintenance road or park at the main Ohiopyle parking lot and follow a sidewalk along Route 381 to the maintenance road.

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Adjacent Places

Yough Rock Ledges and Rapids at Meadow Run

More Information

This seems to be a favorite area for anglers as I often encounter them fishing from the rocks or along the river bank.