Train Station and Low Ohiopyle Bridge

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View from Train Station and Low Ohiopyle Bridge

Adjacent to the town of Ohiopyle is a former railroad station converted into a Laurel Highlands Visitor Center with outdoor benches on a plaza leading to the Low Ohiopyle Bridge that offers a scenic view of the Youghiogheny River bending to round Ferncliff Peninsula. This is the Great Allegheny Passage Trail so be mindful of bike riders passing as you admire the river rapids below the bridge. The Low Ohiopyle Bridge has a nice curvature and bend in elevation that is fun to bike ride across. To your left is the Youghiogheny River passing by Ferncliff Peninsula and in the far distant the mists can be visible rising from the Ohiopyle Falls. In the summer you may find swimmers nearby. Once you cross the bridge a wooden staircase leads down to the Ferncliff Trail.

Features to Experience

Low Ohiopyle Bridge Tharp Knob Youghiogheny River Youghiogheny River Gorge

How to Access

The bridge and station are adjacent to the corner of Sheridan Street and Route 381.

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Adjacent Places

Ferncliff Rock Ledges and Rapids High Ohiopyle Bridge Scenic View Area Observation Area at Ohiopyle Falls

More Information

The Railroad Station offers visitors information on the Laurel Highlands area along with restroom facilities. Tourist brochures from the region can be found here.