Baughman Rock Vista Overlook

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View from Baughman Rock Vista Overlook

This overlook is an easy park and see experience above Ohiopyle, but an angled rock slope may challenge some visitors. A large rock outcropping and high cliff formation called Baughman Rock perched along Laurel Ridge has forced a break in trees making for one of the finest views in Pennsylvania featuring the Youghiogheny River Gorge. In the center of this enormous panorama is the river rounding the Flats, a large horseshoe curved peninsula creating a deep chasm surrounded by steep sided mountains belonging to Laurel Ridge. The elevation relief is approximately 1700 feet from top to the river bottom making for quite a range in conditions. The ridge tops can receive 10 times the amount of snow as the valley making for some interesting contrasts. In early spring the valley will come alive with green foliage while the top remains gray and dormant. Certain slopes, sheltered from the chill or angled to be warm, will come alive sooner than others. The rock outcropping has railings added but more adventurous visitors can navigate to the right and cross a deep break in the rock to a flat area for different angled view of the vista. Birds of prey can often be seen sailing the wind gusts in a repeatable fashion as they trace the wind currents caused by the ridge.

Features to Experience

Laurel Ridge Sugarloaf Knob The Flats Youghiogheny River Youghiogheny River Gorge


The rocks are cliffs with steep drop offs.

How to Access

The overlook is visible and a short walk from a small rustic parking area along Sugarloaf Road.

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More Information

A fog embankment engulfs the valley below almost every morning and can be seen climbing the ridge top almost like an animal clawing it's way up. Occasionally the valley produces its own weather with a giant whirlwind circulation that carries the fog around. Another time the scene seems to come alive is when fast moving cumulus clouds move across with their shadows making each individual slope standout from the others. It's a mesmerizing view that stands out. Occasionally the park will need to cut back vegetation at the base of the cliffs or they'll cover up some of the scene. As of Autumn 2016 the scene is still fully clear.