Kentuck Vista Overlook

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View from Kentuck Vista Overlook

Kentuck Overlook, along Campground Road, provides a narrow view of the Youghiogheny River Gorge and Laurel Ridge framed by hardwoods. Benches are provided to relax and take in the scene where one can appreciate the different climate that exists near the river from the ridge top as you can see markedly different conditions at certain times of the year. The overlook is a grassy sloped field that needs maintained to keep the view clear from tree foliage making the view dependent on how recently the park cleared the vegetation.

Features to Experience

Laurel Ridge Youghiogheny River Gorge

How to Access

Follow Campground Road to a pull-off right at the overlook.

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Adjacent Places

Tharp Knob Vista Overlook

More Information

The Kentuck Trail can be followed to hike to the nearby Tharp Knob Vista Overlook. Don't confuse this overlook with Kentuck Knob that is just outside of the park.